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Once all about local industries and factories, Cedar Valley is now a booming district with the largest population. Cobblestones meet trendy lofts, and its residents are generally younger. They have the town's only community college to thank for that. People here sometimes joke and refer to the Valley as Little Seattle, and you won't walk down many streets without stumbling upon an art gallery, vegan sandwhich shop, or a flyer for when the next farmer's market is. The factories are gone, and they made room for a progressive but chill community. Rents can get high, but that's why you have roommates. Enjoy your stay, be it at a nightclub or a poetry reading.


Many Camassia characters live in the Valley, including Madigan, the Harts, Adam and Alessia, and William. And we shouldn't forget some of the booming businesses you'll find here. The Valley is where you can get inked at Madigan and Jameson's tattoo shop, and you can get your workout done at Ethan's fitness center, possibly after you've eaten your bodyweight in pastries at his little sister Elise's pastry shop. Ellis Hayes lives in Downtown, but he runs the Three Dot Agency from the Valley, right next to Zach's grandmother's retirement home, actually. Lastly, don't forget to grab a burger at Adam and Alessia's place, Coho Bar & Grill.

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