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My sister asked me if I could stand the sight my own reflection, if I’d caused enough damage yet, but I didn’t see myself when I looked into the mirror. I saw Kieran standing behind me, pressing a kiss to my shoulder while he undid my belt. I saw everything I wanted that I couldn’t have. Not unless I was prepared to hurt everyone around me.


Kieran was in a similar situation.


Were we monsters or men? Were they one and the same? Did we give a flying f—hell. We did care. Just not enough to stop, not enough to walk away, and I knew we constantly asked ourselves the same question because of it. If we could go back to when we met on the train…if we could erase the deceit, erase our first hello…would we?

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As the first book for the Brooks/Marshall clan, the following family members will go on and get their own books: Desmond, Connor, and Grace. Additional secondary characters with their own stories to share are: Lincoln, Adeline, Casey, Ellis, and William.


Bennett makes a brief appearance in Three Dirty Harts.  

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