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One novel…

This was a mistake. Flying all the way to Washington to see Dad's old college friend, who has reluctantly offered to help me with my writing after the world tore my first novel to shreds…big, big mistake. One, Jack Grady is lethally handsome. Two, he doesn't mince words, and he absolutely hates my novel. But here I am, and I'm his for the weekend. Maybe in more ways than one, which would be totally inappropriate. —Isla Roe.

…two love stories.

Shock can be good or bad. It can be a good shock to discover you're going to be a father at eighteen. This isn't that kind of shock. This is bad. Several weeks after she was supposed to return home, one justifiably infuriated father makes his way to northern Washington. That would be me. Checking in at Cedar Inn, I think of ways to confront Jack and Isla—until I spot a familiar face from my childhood on the other side of the desk. But it can't be her, can it? My God, she's beautiful. I wonder how she'd react if she knew I've written a book about her. —Aiden Roe.

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Other Camassia characters you'll run into in Inappropriately Yours, not counting the Nolan/Roe clan, are Adam, Jameson, Alessia, Lincoln, Adeline, Adrian, Willow, Finn, and Katie.

In the Auctioned Series, you'll run into the whole family at some point or another, as it centers around Gray. You'll meet some of them in Power Play too.

Jack and Isla play significant secondary characters in Dirty Chef too, which will give readers a glimpse into their future.

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