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I was my own worst enemy. For as much as I depended on order and a structured life to easier manage my bipolar disorder, fire was irresistible and indisputably my favorite toy to play with. On the ice, it turned me into a hotheaded hockey player. In the bedroom, my attitude was my last defense, a front I wanted to see tumbling down. But lately, all I got was burned.

Love sucked. Correction: it sucked when you were in love with your parents’ closest friend and he didn’t feel the same. I admitted my feelings for Madigan Monroe over a year ago, and I was still waiting for a response. Now my balance was gone. My anxiety was all over the place, my fits of rage had just earned me a suspension from the team, I questioned myself at every turn, and being home for two weeks was gonna make it impossible to avoid Madigan.

I used to be his Abel, his sweetheart, his trouble. It’d been the two of us against the world since I was a kid. I’d even discovered we had kink in common! On paper, I was seemingly perfect for him. Maybe that was why his nonverbal rejection hurt so much. Or maybe it was because, recently, he seemed hell-bent on us “being friends” again.

Whatever. I was a loser, and I couldn’t resist him for crap.


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Abel and Madigan appear together in the Auctioned Series, separately in Path of Destruction when Abel was young, and Madigan pops up in Uncomplicated Choices. In addition, they both take a trip outside of the Camassia series and pay a visit to the kinksters in The Game Series, specifically Their Boy, where they play significant roles as secondary characters and friends of Kit, the main boy in that book. If you're interested in reading everything with Abel and Madigan, I'd read Their Boy after Power Play, as they are already a couple in Their Boy.

Other Camassia characters that appear in Power Play include the Hayes family, Aiden and Gray from Inappropriately Yours, Darius, Justin, and Jameson. 

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