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how to get the full enjoyment of the camassia cove universe

There are several ways to read the books in the CCU. If you're new to the universe, you're in for a treat! Since all books are standalone, unless otherwise stated, chances are a reader picks up a title somewhere in the middle, and that's totally okay. Spoilers are avoided as much as possible, even with countless crossovers. But if you wish to read in a specific order for one reason or another, I've listed a few below.

Click here for the Chronological Order: The best way to avoid even the smallest spoilers.

Click here to read the Published Order: With each book, the universe grows.

Click here to read the Author's Choice: In this order, you won't miss a single inside joke.

Click here if you wish to follow the Character's Journey: If, for instance, your first Camassia book was Auctioned, maybe you want to focus on the books in which Gray and Darius appear.

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