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I’d craved an ending for as long as I could remember. An ending to the crippling hurt, the blinding rage, and this sense of confusion and loss. I didn’t know who I was. I had no identity. I just hated.

Until her.


With one small flame after another, she lit up my path toward redemption and showed me a life worth living. It was how our love story began—without fanfare. Just a flicker in the dark.

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Her All Along is the home of many Quinn crossovers. Darius, Ryan, Jake, Ethan, Lias, and Willow all have significant roles as part of Elise's family. You'll also meet Evelina Costa and Finn Becker here.


So far, only Elise appears in other books, namely Dirty Chef and Stranded. As Darius's sister, she's mentioned throughout the Auctioned Series, with more frequent appearances in the later books.

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