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The first time Adeline Ivey danced into my life, high on ecstasy instead of life, was at the party before the kickoff of our seventh tour. I spotted her out on the lawn, a gorgeous girl spinning around in circles with her arms wide and a big smile directed at the Los Angeles sky.


We shared an insane summer on the road, surrounded by sex, drugs, and rock n' roll—a combination that could only end in disaster.


That was ten years ago. The world has forgotten Lincoln Hayes, rock god and guitarist in Path of Destruction. As the date of my parole hearing approaches, I'm nothing but a number in the system of the Michigan Department of Corrections. And as much as I want to forget the events of that summer and move on, the girl I can't get out of my head is trying to make an encore appearance in my life.

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Lincoln and Adeline belong in the Hayes family along with Casey, Abel, Jesse, and a few others. So in any book with a Hayes, or honorary Hayes, you can count on one or several other Hayes's to appear. In Path of Destruction, you'll meet the following family members that will get their own stories told in the series: Abel, Madigan, Casey, Jesse, Ellis.

In addition, Lincoln and/or Adeline appear as secondary characters, briefly or not, in the following Camassia titles: Uncomplicated Choices, Power Play, If We Could Go Back, Inappropriately Yours, Out for the Holidays, and far.

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